Niels Christian Hvidt, Mirakler – Møder mellem Himmel og Jord,
Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2002

Preface 7
  1. What is a miracle
  2. The Turin Shroud
  3. Eucharistic miracles
  4. The Blood of San Gennaro
  5. The story of Little Audrey Santos
  6. Padre Pio – a stigmatised priest
  7. Seeing without pupils
  8. Myrna of Soufanieh
  9. Vassula Rydén, housewife and prophet
  10. The weeping Madonna in Civitavecchia
  11. The weeping icon at the convent in Malevě
  12. The Holy Theodora’s trees
  13. The miracle on Kefalonia
  14. The miracle of the Holy Fire in Jerusalem
  15. Christian exorcism
  16. Empirical proof of miracles
  17. Miracles – a Northern European perspective
  18. The place of miracles in the modern world picture

Bibliography 276
List of illustrations 280
Notes 286
Index of names 294

The word 'Miacle' comes from the Latin ‘mirari’, ‘to wonder at’. Both believers and non-believers will wonder at the religious miracles from around the world recounted by Niels Christian Hvidt in this book.

Through matter-of-fact description of both the inexplicable events themselves and the scientific examination of them, through interviews with the people involved and, not least, through a wealth of illustrations the reader is allowed a close look at incredible and, in any rate, inexplicable events: Madonna statues crying tears of blood, hosts which turn into human flesh, a housewife who receives prophecies, self-igniting candles in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and, closer to home, in Copenhagen, a Russian icon which suddenly starts secreting oil.

The fifteen chapters about modern-day miracles widen the mind of the reader and raise the question of how these phenomena may be fitted into our modern world picture. In a number of background articles Niels Christian Hvidt examines the historical and present-day role of miracles in theology and in science.

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