Niels Christian Hvidt, Mirakler – Møder mellem Himmel og Jord,
Copenhagen: Gyldendal, 2002

Jyllandsposten, 08.02.02:
”The book contains beautiful and informative illustrations and most of its “case stories” are of recent date. There are no grounds for doubting the peculiarity and extraordinariness of the events, which are described with a certain journalistic curiosity and a lack of sensationalism, but also with a lack of real critical attitude. In several instances, Hvidt was himself present at the ”scene of the crime” at the very moment of its occurrence, which lends authenticity to his reports.”

Weekendavisen, 08.02.02:
”The book is well-written, richly illustrated and fascinating.”

Kristeligt Dagblad, 07.02.02:
”[It is] liberating to see the publication of a thoroughly researched and serious book about miracles, which on the one hand takes miracles seriously and on the other hand does not lose sight of the fact that miracles, in a Christian context, always point to Jesus…

In his extremely well-written book [Hvidt] takes the reader on an extraordinary tour into the land of miracles, allowing us to experience the miraculous events through the people who experienced them first hand. This, combined with Niels Christian Hvidt’s professional competence in his field makes for an unusually entertaining, involved and matter-of-fact book…

The book »Miracles« is destined to become a classic within its field and is bound to be translated into many languages. Hopefully, this will encourage Niels Christian Hvidt to take on new projects aimed at communicating these issues to a wider audience, thus lending a Christian perspective to today’s overwhelming interest in the inexplicable.”

Berlingske Tidende, 06.02.02:
”A well-written and richly illustrated book about documented miracles, old and new, connected with the Christian God… It is both disarming and persuasive that [Hvidt] has not been swayed by the common pseudo-scientific approach, under which writers pretend not to take a stand on their subject… The book is thought-provoking and entertaining. Because yes, we have very probably, in our northern part of the world, been so busy ”demythologising” life that we have given clairvoyants, shamans and fortune-tellers – in other words the whole neo-religious outfit – a carte blanche.”

Politiken, 05.02.02:
”This attractive book featuring a large number of photographs portraying numerous miracles, priests and churches, seems a consciously naïve book. Like a second Graham Greene, Hvidt is keen to bear witness to miracles and tell the stories of saints.”

Information, 05.02.02:
”’How seriously are we to take Hvidt’s defence of miracles?’, some might ask. The answer is that Hvidt is a serious author. His project has received financial support from serious foundations, such as the Carlsberg Foundation and Kong Frederik og Dronning Ingrids Fond. Hvidt’s book is well-written. He distances himself from New Age occultism. His intention is to show that miracles are feasible in this, our world, but he accentuates their close correlation with faith. They contain »an invaluable theological message«, he concludes.”

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Niels Christian Hvidt

Miracle: ‘an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs; an extremely outstanding or unusual event, thing, or accomplishment; a divinely natural phenomenon experienced humanly as the fulfillment of spiritual law’ (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary).

Cand.theol. Niels Christian Hvidt provides an objective and matter-of-fact account of a number of phenomena which cannot be explained within the framework of known natural laws.

Among these phenomena are bleeding statues of Christ, sudden and inexplicable healings, visions, apparitions, etc.

The book is based on a number of popular articles about miracles, written by Hvidt for the Danish newspaper ‘Wekendavisen’.

Niels Christian Hvidt, born 1969, holds a Master’s degree in theology from the Catholic Gregorian University in Rom, where he teaches at present. In 1997 he received a Master’s degree in theology from Copenhagen University; the same year he also received the Gold Medal from Copenhagen University for his thesis on prophecy and revelation. In recent years he has written a number of articles about the issues of Christian prophecy and miracles for Danish and foreign newspapers and periodicals.


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